Indian Menswear in NJ: Wedding Wear Trends

Kurta Pyjamas

1.Traditional Kurta Pyjama

The Kurta Pyjama is a very popular choice for Indian men, especially for weddings. It is a traditional outfit that consists of a long shirt and pajama pants. The shirt is usually made of brocade fabric, silk, or Lucknowi fabric and is often embroidered with light embroidery. The collar is usually plain with handwork in Lucknowi style. The Kurta Pyjama is typically worn by the groom’s father, brothers, and cousins, as well as by the groom’s friends.

2.Modi Jacket

The Modi Jacket is another popular choice for Indian men’s wedding wear. It is more of a version of the Kurta Pyjama in which you wear a half jacket along with the kurta and it is usually worn with straight pants instead of churidar pants.

The Modi Jacket is named after Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, who often wears this style of jacket.

The Jacket is typically made of brocade or silk and is usually embroidered with light embroidery. 

A kurta pyjama with a Modi jacket is ideal for light occasions and can be worn by the groom’s friends, father, or even the groom for smaller functions.

3.Semi-Indo Outfits

A semi Indo outfit is a mix of Indian and western clothing and belongs to the semi-formal category. It is a step down from the sherwani which is often reserved for the main wedding and reception but a step up from the usual kurta pyjamas.

Such semi-indo outfits are made of thicker fabrics and have buttons in the front from top to down. The front is usually open.

These are quite popular in fabrics like Lucknowi silk and brocade.

4.Double Kurtas

The double kurta is a relatively new trend in Indian menswear. It is essentially two kurtas layered on top of each other. The bottom kurta is usually shorter or of equal length than the top kurta and both are generally made of different materials. The bottom kurta is usually plain and closed while the other one usually has a long open jacket. This look can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


The sherwani is a very popular choice for Indian men, especially for weddings. It is a traditional outfit that consists of a long shirt and pajama pants. Indo-western sherwanis are very much like sherwanis but they’re knee-length or just above the knee. Such indo-western sherwanis are available in both heavy and light stuff and heavy is usually picked by the groom while the lighter ones are picked by the father or close relatives. A lighter indo-western sherwani can also be worn on small occasions. Keep in mind, at this time, most sherwanis are indo-western sherwanis and it’s really hard to tell the difference unless you’re an industry expert.

These sherwanis are heavily embroidered and are available in fabrics like brocade and Lucknowi. One popular trend in this segment is the coloured sherwanis especially colours like a peach with a red border. Sherwanis are generally available in many combinations that can usually be matched with the bride’s outfit. Most have hand work, stone work, or zari work and are open with buttons.

The only difference between the traditional sherwani and an indo-western sherwani is that the former is longer. Ultimately, it depends on your personal choice which kind of sherwani you should pick for yourself.

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No matter what type of sherwani you choose, it is sure to make you look and feel like a king on your wedding day!

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